Preservation Journal
Archie Scott


Archie Scott had a singular influence on the entire St. Charles community awareness of and interest in Historic Preservation. He expressed his love for St. Charles, its influence in our nation’s history and its historically important structures at every opportunity. He ‘fell in love’ on his first visit, quickly purchasing a home on Main Street in 1966 and began a lifetime crusade for preservation, completing three additional personal restoration projects. He mentored others and encouraged investors, believing no restoration project was unworthy or so big or difficult that it could not be done - because it should be done, it must be done. He campaigned for preservation as a local government policy and for programs that included public funding of important projects which have proved beneficial to St. Charles citizens and visitors, and are still associated with his name. His influence has been ever present as he raised a banner for preservation in St. Charles high enough that everyone could see and be encouraged to join the effort.

See report prepared for Presevation Conference 2008 >>


Photo Courtesy of Streetscape Magazine
Photographer: Michael Schlueter