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116 North
Year Built: 1946
(Pitman/Whetzel research)
116 North Main Street
Denwol/Standard Drug

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114-116 North Main
1946, Saul Wolff and Orville Denning, Denwol Corporation

Dr. Henry Behrens is credited with building a one-story brick building at this location about 1850. The census records that he remained for only two years. But Dr. Mudd, who visited patients until 1910 traveling the oft-muddy country roads by horse and buggy, had an office here. Drs Tainter and Johnson are recorded as also having officed at this location.

The new Denwol Building was built in 1946 just following WWII. Mr. Saul Woff established Standard Drug company occupying the north half of the street level and Mr. Orville Denning, The Denning Company sold household appliances and radios in the south section. Phonographic records were featured at the Record Bar, part of Mr. Denning's shop. Continuing the early tradition of this site, several doctors and dentists had their offices in the upper level of the new building.

Mr. Wolff expanded Standard Drug Company with several locations in St. Charles, was a community leader and one of the citizens who began efforts to establish a park along the Missouri riverfront in 1946.