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132-136 North

Courtesy of Historic Downtown Association.

ca. 1994

132 North



Year Built: 1860 (assessor),
1865/1903/1961 (Pitman/Whetzel research)
132-136 North Main Street
Known as Schulte Saloon, Billiards & Bowling Alley

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132-136 North Main
1865, George Becker

Here two two-story brick buildings, joined with a center "hall between for common use", were built by George Becker in 1865. John and Anderson Wolf paid $42 a month rent for the north side "cellar to attic" and established a saloon in 1866. The first floor of the south half, including the hall was leased to a gunsmith.
For the next one hundred years a saloon operated here. Missouri Dawson, daughter of Becker and heir to the property, rented both buildings to her brother-in-law, Charles Runge, for $55 a month. By 1903, Billy Schulte's new Billiard Hall was open. William Schulte, Saloonkeeper, purchased the buildings in 1924. A bowling alley was added to the rear and the 'saloon' business continued at this site until the early 1970's.